Friday, February 13, 2009

Best Gift Ever

Happy Valentine's Day! It's my wedding anniversary on the 14th too. Last week my husband told me that he had already picked out my gift and that we were going to go pick it up early! As we were riding in the car I was really confused because we headed away from the mall and out to the country. All I could see were farms! He finally stopped at the end of a long muddy driveway next to a house. It took me a few moments to notice a sign in the yard that said: "Saving Paws Animal Rescue." He then told me I could pick out any cat or dog I wanted! I was so excited! But it was so hard to do. I wanted a cat, but they had at least a dozen nice ones. (Can I take them all home please???) I couldn't make up my mind at first so we took a short lunch break. When we came back I chose Cocoa. He has the sweetest personality. I will never forget this Valentine's Day. It is the best one ever!

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  1. Hello there sweet friend and many happy returns for both Valentine's and wedding Anniversary. I am so happy for you and think your husband is a treasure for surprising you like that. The lo has turned out stunning with Cocoa the centre piece. He looks like such a beautiful guy.

    oodles of hugz,